keyword - strathearn
1of1 2.0 x 2.0 and 10 ozs. flat cut polished base. no label. etch signed and dated and numbered on base strathearn 1978 no7. acquired 112302. abstract anemone aurora barware black blue bottle budvase can candleholder canes claret closepack concentric corkscrew crown ctr cyclone dcp04091vp9 dcp04347p9 dcp04412psmf123 ice pool... strathearn multifaceted psfm213 ice pool weight with the standard scottish quartz floating in a clear glass weight and faceted on all sides with thirteen facets dcp04930exp dcp04956exp dcp04988d5 dcp04990p11 dcp04991p3 dcp04992d5 dcp04993sbv dcp04994p39 dcp04995exp dcp04995p4 dcp04996vp dcp04997p12 dcp04999sp100 dcp05000sp100 dcp05001p21 dcp05002p8ds dcp05003d5 dcp05004yvp9 dcp05005p22ds dcp05006pp82 dcp05007psf82 dcp05008d5 dcp05009p10 dcp05010p10 dcp05011psf252 dcp05012psf12 dcp05013yvp9 dcp05014yvp9 dcp05015yvp9 dcp05016yvp9 dcp05017vp9 dcp05018yvp9 dcp05019vp9 dcp05020yvp9 dcp05021yvp9 dcp05022psfc182 dcp05023yvp7 dcp05024sp100 dcp05025p10 dcp05026dsf53 dcp05027ds43 dcp05028yvp7 dcp05029vp7 dcp05030psf72 dcp05031p7ds dcp05032pp15 dcp05033p35 dcp05034p13 dcp05035psf252 dcp05036yvp dcp05037exp dcp05038exp dcp05039yvp7 dcp05040yvp8 dcp05041yvp7 dcp05042vp8 dcp05043stra dcp05044p21 dcp05045p2 dcp05046yvp9 dcp05047yvp9 dcp05048yvp9 dcp05049yvp9 dcp05050yvp9 dcp05051yvp9 dcp05052p38 dcp05053p8ds dcp05054p13 dcp05055p11 dcp05056p14 dcp05057dk1 dcp05058ds43 dcp05059p13 dcp05060yvp dcp05061sp101 dcp05062p38 dcp05063psf62 dcp05064pp14 dcp05065psf22 dcp05066psf232 dcp05067p10 dcp05068p10 dcp05069psf242 dcp05070p10 dcp05071p3 dcp05072vp8 dcp05073vp7 dcp05074psfc182 dcp05075p6 dcp05076p23 dcp05077psf142 dcp05078p10 dcp05079exp dcp05080p7 dcp05081p22 dcp05082p10 dcp05083p6 dcp05084p10 dcp05085p8ds dcp05086p28 dcp05087p26 dcp05088p9 dcp05089pp82 dcp05090psf232 dcp05091eiir77 dcp05092pp9 dcp05093p7 dcp05094yvp8 dcp05095p35 dcp05097psfc202 dcp05098vp8 dcp05099p37 dcp05100eiir77 dcp05101eiir77 dcp05102p23 dcp05103psf102 dcp05104vp8 dcp05105psfc162 dcp05106psf142 dcp05107p10 dcp05108p10 dcp05109ds43 dcp05110p8 dcp05111p8ds dcp05112p10 dcp05113p8ds dcp05114p12 dcp05115p10 dcp05116p10 dcp05117pp21 dcp05118yvp7 dcp05119vp8 dcp05120p10 dcp05121vp8 dcp05122pp82 dcp05123eiir77 dcp05124pp16 dcp05125psf72 dcp05126p14 dcp05127vp8 dcp05128vp dcp05129vp7 dcp05130vp8 dcp05131vp8 dcp05132yvp7 dcp05133p10 dcp05134pp9 dcp05135p10 dcp05136p10 dcp05137pp15 dcp05138psf12 dcp05139psfc202 dcp05140p23ds dcp05141psfs100 dcp05142p10 dcp05143p10 dcp05144p10 dcp05145p8ds dcp05146p37 dcp05147pp21 dcp05148p8ds dcp05149p15ds dcp05150p32 dcp05151pp14 dcp05152p6 dcp05153psfc172 dcp05154sp102 dcp05155ad2 dcp05156psfs102 dcp05157psf142 dcp05158p10 dcp05159sp100 dcp05160p7ds dcp05161p6 dcp05162p10 dcp05163psf242 dcp05165yvp dcp05166p24 dcp05167psf22 dcp05168pps102 dcp05169psfc162 dcp05170p10 dcp05171ds43 dcp05172p21 dcp05173stra dcp05174p10 dcp05175stra dcp05176p10 dcp05177p10 dcp05178p10 dcp05179psf72 dcp05180dsf43 dcp05181pp9 dcp05182pp9 dcp05183psfc172 dcp05184psfc202 dcp05185psfc192 dcp05186pp16 dcp05187p10 dcp05188p10 dcp05189p13 dcp05190p8 dcp05191p6 dcp05192vp dcp05193stra dcp05194p8ds dcp05195ad2 dcp05196p40 dcp05198p8ds dcp05199p8ds dcp05200 dcp05200stra dcp05201sp100 dcp05202sp101 dcp05203sp100 dcp05204p40 dcp05205psf142 dcp05206yvp8 dcp05207yvp dcp05208p10 dcp16303exp dcp24916exp dcp25591exp dcp25750p34 dish drawer exp faceted flower flwr force four frosted garden gray green hddm inkwell jubileecrown jubileecrown28 knob lace latticetower lava limegreen lrg mech med millefiori min opener orchid overlay patterned pindish pine pirelli pourer pull red ribbon s64 s65 s68or69 s69 s70 s71 s72 s73 s74 s75 s76 s77 s78 s79 s80 sea sepia sp100 spoke spoon star stoer stra swan top turq two urchin urchinstar white yellow